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To corporate customers

For space production at hotel and restaurants

Alte Kiara is in harmony in the space where the hotel is aiming for the comfort of the hotel, giving even a more magnificent and luxurious sense. Entrance, reception, lobby, restaurant dining, corridors, guest rooms, etc., and beautiful paintings that match the scenes, paintings that make you dreamy, and well -known works. Until the work.
You can choose from a rich variety unique to custom -made.

Alte KiaraIn a elegant atmosphere, customers will touch beauty and knowledge, and conversations will be the joy of bounce. There are also works that are in harmony with Japanese -style rooms as well as Western -style rooms.

For healing effects at salons, hospitals and clinics

Many people do not want to go to hospitals, dentists, and various clinics with the image of "scary" and "painful". Most people have an inorganic and cold image for medical devices. The atmosphere in the hospital where uneasy patients can relax are becoming very important. By decorating paintings, you can eliminate the traditional image of the hospital, give a warm and gentle hospital impression, and have a healing effect.
Because it is a sick patient, it is also important to approach the mind to enhance immunity to cure quickly.

After the surgery, after comparing the room with an empty room and a room with a painting on the wall, the data in Europe and the United States is that the patient in the room with a painting has a smaller amount of medicine. there is.
Patients in an empty room tend to concentrate on their pain only, but just looking at the paintings will calm down, reduce pain or feel positive.
In this case, it is recommended that modern paintings that will snuggle up to your heart, rather than modern art that will be strange.

Because it is a space with paintings, the patient's tension is relieved, and the anxiety and pain will be forgotten and it will be relaxed and hoped for treatment. What kind of painting is suitable depending on the interior, we will help you to create a space for free.

To improve the image of offices and condominiums

It is one of the important hospitality to welcome company customers at the beautiful office entrance, reception room and conference room.
Alte KiaraWith only one point there, the space will be reborn beautifully. The impression of our customers will be improved and communication will be smooth. Paintings have a positive effect on employees who spend a long time in the office as well as customers. Rather than a murderous environment, the painting office environment works from visual stimulation to mental and subconscious, which is also useful for working motivation, creativity, and aesthetic sense. Paintings decorated in the office have the advantages of both aspects of improving your image and improving your employees' sensitivity and awareness.

... Alte Kiara's paintings are issued not only in compliance with the copyright law, but also with the permission of the original art museum in all works. Some of the sales are returned to the museum and can be used to operate museums. It is something that companies can exhibit with confidence as a CSR ...

In a relaxing space at home / villa

"Decorating painting" in a living space not only changes the atmosphere of life, but also brings room to be elegant. Paintings seen at the exhibition and remaining paintings in front of you at an overseas museum.

 "I want to decorate my favorite work on a daily basis"

"I want to feel the goodness of the masterpiece painting closer."
"I want to make the interior sophisticated"
"I want to bring color to my daily life"

You can order according to various requests.
 Alte Kiara has no copy, no print, and has unprecedented high quality and soul.

With your favorite paintings, you will instantly create the atmosphere of the room you want.

* Currently, we have a production period of about 45 business days (on weekends and holidays, Italian Christmas, New Year holidays, summer vacation).