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Benefits of ArteChiara

Comparison list of Arte Chiara's features and previous reproductions

arte chiara reproduction painting Reproduction by printing
impression Quality so good that it can be mistaken for a real oil painting
Power and presence approaching the original
Full of luxury and satisfying a sense of ownership
A different painting similar to the original
Because it was painted by another person, the painting has the characteristics of the artist.
General reproduction painting
In mass production, there are limits to color and presence.
Legitimacy/CSR In addition to copyright, all works are licensed by the holding company.
Produced based on the source, with a return fee to the collection.
Copied without permission from the owner
(Although Western art museums require permission, many do not even apply for it.)
There are many copies in circulation without permission from the owners.
material Carefully selected materials similar to the original painting, authentically made for museum collections.
Equally high quality handmade framed
Often inexpensive campus sites and frames are used. paper that often goes into the printing press, paper similar to canvas material;
Cheap frames are used
surface There is brushstrokes With brushstrokes Processed with flat or transparent resin
price ¥130,000 ~For sizes not listed, please request a quote Approximately ¥5,000 ~ ¥500,000 Approximately ¥10,000 ~ ¥100,000
durability long (same as oil painting) Varies depending on dye used
In case of oil painting, same as oil painting
Short (changes color in 2-3 years)
rarity Limited number: 1 ~ 499 per work
Comes with certificate and serial number
Students copy in large numbers at an art village in China Mass production, made in Japan, made in China
subject People who are looking for something of high quality that cannot be satisfied by previous reproductions.
Those who want to create a three-dimensional space with the depth of the original painting.
For those who value price most
In any case, it is better if it is similar
Feels like a poster and is inexpensive
Those who want to display prints