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We asked customers who have placed orders so far to give us their honest feedback. I would like to introduce some of them.

"I've been curious about it for a long time because it's well made."
I saw it on display when the Louvre Museum exhibition was held at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art a long time ago, and I've always been interested in it because it's so well made. The exhibition had already ended and I didn't know how to purchase it, but I managed to get through to their contact information and found out that it was not a copy. I've been looking at your work ever since it arrived. I'm really glad I purchased it.

Vermeer《The Woman Weaving Lace》 Mr. H who lives in Fukui Prefecture

“I have never seen this kind of grade.”
When I built my apartment, I had artificial flowers displayed at the entrance, but they were boring, and since I also have a picture rail, I was looking for a picture to hang. I was planning on displaying several, but this one alone magically brightened up the room, and even just one was enough to make the entrance stand out. It is also well received by residents. I love art exhibitions and often go to them, but I've never seen anything of this kind, and I think it would be better, but it was cheaper than I expected. I like it.

Raoul Dufy《Yellow Console》 Mr. M who lives in Taito-ku, Tokyo

“It makes you feel rich.”
Monet's ``Regatta at Argenteuil'' at a museum exhibitionrevival paintingI purchased it. I hang it on my bedroom wall and look at it every day, and it's very beautiful and makes me feel rich. Therefore, I decided to hang Claude Monet's ``Water Lily Pond, Rosy Harmony'' in the living room as well.

Monet《Regatta at Argenteuil》《Waterlily Pond, Rosy Harmony》
Anonymous living in Kanagawa Prefecture

“It was completely different from what I see in Japan.”
I moved and my room was a bit bare, so I was looking for a painting that would brighten up the room. Both the picture and the frame are impressive, and their presence is perfect. The imported items were completely different from what you see in Japan. I think it's no wonder that this French painter's theme is ``the joy of living.'' It was a good purchase, worth more than the price.

Raoul Dufy《Hyères Park》Anonymous living in Tokyo

“My family and I chose it together from among several suggestions.”
Thank you very much for your kind response. We reconstructed an old villa and consulted on a painting to decorate it to match the new interior. I didn't know much about art, so I just told them that I would prefer landscape paintings, but my family and I chose it together from among several proposals, and we received exactly what we wanted. The frame is really luxurious and I was surprised. My whole family is happy too. The friends I invited to my villa the other day complimented it, and they seemed to think it was quite expensive.

Claude Lorrain, Port of Villa Medici, Canaletto, Landscape of the Doge's Palace in Venice
Mr. I, who lives in Karuizawa City, Nagano Prefecture
Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. Encouraged by the voices of our customers, we will continue to listen carefully to their wishes and deliver them with care.

*Currently, the production period is approximately 45 business days (including Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Italian Christmas, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays).