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In paintings, we are invited to imagine depicted scenes and stories.There is a mysterious power.

In an instant, there was a distant memory of a beautiful sight seen on a journey.There are times when it can wake you up.

Lived centuries agoThe exchange of hearts between people enters the heart smoothly as warmth.Sometimes that happens.

The impact on the viewer from just one painting extends to our senses and affects the brain.

However, the works in museums that are considered masterpieces are so rare that they are prohibited from being shown outside the museum.

Also, an art exhibition held domesticallyHowever, due to its popularity, you can only admire it for a few seconds from a distance in the midst of the crowds.

Great artists who move hearts beyond countries and races

Can't we make heritage and cultural properties more familiar?

Wouldn't it be possible for someone who really loves paintings to be able to see them up close on a regular basis, even if they are located far away across the ocean?

Do not allow colors and brilliance across time and space to bring life to the living space.I wonder.

With this in mind, we have come to recommend ArteChiara, which was born in the home of Western art.

By combining digital archive technology originating from the Uffizi Gallery, Italy's oldest museum, and Italian craftsmanship,

Revive the excitement of seeing the original in front of you.

The target works include ancient murals, Renaissance paintings, Impressionist works such as Monet and Renoir,

Matisse, Chagall (with foundation consent only) to modern paintings. Works that are not on this list may be reproduced after research (free of charge) and with permission from the collection.

We would be happy if we could search with you and help you bring positive effects to your daily life. 

A pleasant feeling of being able to touch your favorite painting in this worldI hope time continues without end.


Arte & L'Art Co.