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Reproduction replica specializing in Western paintings

From Florence,
What is "ArteChiara"?

Rembrandt kept out of the Rijksmuseum gates « Night Watch »
Florence Uffizi Gallery
This is Japan's only reproduction service that delivers custom-made ArteChiara, which incorporates the idea of ​​``Arte = art, technology'' and ``Chiara = brilliance, sparkle''. Using a digital archive of original works with permission from the collection, we make full use of Italian reproduction techniques to create each painting, which is hand-painted with brush strokes.
It was devised by engineers who have been involved for many years in building digital archives for Italian public museums, including the Uffizi Gallery, to bring the emotion of original paintings, even if they are designated as exclusive to museums. I did. 

*Polo Museale Fiorentino=Special Supervision of Florence's Public Museums, which has jurisdiction over the Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace

Arte Chiara utilizes the fusion of digital data obtained from the museum's high-definition digital archive technology and the handcrafted techniques of skilled Italian craftsmen. Thanks to research results obtained through direct contact with works in the museum's collection and ultra-high-definition digital archives, the reproduction of details invisible to the naked eye and the handiwork of skilled craftsmen far surpass existing reproductions. It produces high quality and has a presence that can be mistaken for an original painting.
This quality has been recognized by the Vatican Museums, and they are the only ones permitted to use the official logo of the Vatican Museums on reproductions of works in the Vatican Museums collection.
Reproduction of the Virgin and Child statue in the Vatican Museums