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The charm of “ArteChiara”

Hasn't everyone, at least once, seen a painting in front of their eyes at a museum or an exhibition and felt beautiful, moved, or happy?
It would also be a good idea to purchase a postcard as a souvenir.
Alternatively, if you want to be able to see it as a painting on a daily basis, there is also the option of displaying a reproduction of the painting.
Among these, ``Arte Chiara'' stands out from previous reproductions and has a reproducibility that evokes the feeling of looking at a moving painting.

Arouse emotion and keep it in your daily life

It has an overwhelming impact that you can enjoy for a long time just like oil paintings at an affordable price.
Paintings in museum collections have been highly acclaimed for many years and have the power to attract people. However, in many cases, genuine masterpieces were only allowed to be viewed in faraway museums overseas, in domestic exhibitions for a limited period of time, or in the homes of a very few collectors.
Up until now, reproductions such as prints, reproductions, and posters have been on the market, but their properties differ from the originals, and the quality was difficult to satisfy art lovers. ArteChiara was devised by a person in charge of the digital archive at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence who had doubts about the state of reproduction. Arte ChiaraThe motto of the engineers and craftsmen involved in this work is "If not original, then this is the one."

With thorough Italian craftsmanship, we focus on reviving the soul and emotion of the original paintings. While the joy of seeing a favorite painting fills your eyes, it also gives you the satisfaction of owning it, and at the same time, the satisfaction of supporting the museum by owning it, as it is returned to the museum with the official approval of the museum that owns the painting. You can also feel it.
Western paintings that are considered real masterpieces are sometimes impossible to purchase due to their rarity, and even if you try, the average price ranges from billions of yen to tens of billions of yen, and they are often too large to fit on regular Japanese walls. This is the current situation.Arte ChiaraIn the case of , you can custom order your favorite piece of art in a size that matches the wall you want to display it at an affordable price of 1/10,000 to 1,000th of that price.
You can enjoy the masterpieces of genius painters who left their mark on history in your home or office, even if you try to draw the same works in modern times.Arte ChiaraIt can be said that it is a big attraction.

"Powerful", "Extreme", "Heavy". Being able to feel a presence

Being faithful to the original painting allows you to feel its "presence," "extremeness," and "weight." This thoroughness begins with the selection of art materials and the preparation of the foundation. We carefully select environmentally friendly raw materials, and if the original painting is on canvas, we will print it on canvas, and if the original painting is on wood board, we will print it on wood board. Craftsmen take their time to create the foundation for each piece, and each time-consuming process creates a finish that stands out from machine-made production. The paintings produced in this way boast unprecedented quality and existence that are in a class apart from mass-produced reproductions. Created faithfully to the original paintingArte Chiarais inspired by the artist's creative qualities, the details of the painting, and the hand-carving of the authentic frame. Made in Italy, the weight of history and tradition, as well as the passion and skill of the craftsmen, are captured in works of art.

We also believe that the best handmade frame is suitable for Arte Chiara's high quality. At our framing workshop located in the sunflower fields of Tuscany, each piece is carefully created one by one by uncompromising framers. The workshop is known for creating high-quality picture frames, supplying frames for original paintings to antique dealers and private collectors, as well as museums in Italy, Germany, and the United States. Run by a typical Italian family, Arte Chiara's frames are finished with the authentic craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. At Arte Chiara, in order to enjoy the texture of the surface to the fullest, we purposely do not cover the surface, but instead apply invisible UV protection to the surface (glass or acrylic is available upon request). ). Even if it is an original painting held in a museum where you are not allowed to get close to the surface,Arte ChiaraYou can also enjoy touching the surface with your fingers.

Arte ChiaraYou can only purchase from this online shop and the following shops. Currently, there are ``Abeno Harukas Museum Shop'' in Osaka, ``THE MUSEM SHOP'' in Ueno, Tokyo, and ``THE MUSEM SHOP'' in Ginza, Tokyo."MMM, Maison des Musees du Monde", available for order at TOKYO GALLERY, a gallery located in a luxury mall in Singapore. If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us.

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