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Gustave Klimt / グスタフ・クリムト

Rose under the Trees (1905)


Gustave Klimt 
Roses under the Trees 

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)
“Roses under the trees” (1905)
Canvas, oil 110×110cm
Paris, Musee D'orsay

Painting size: [A] 55x55 cm [B] approximately original size
Work code: KliRos

This work was painted on the castle island called Ritzlberg on the shores of Attersee (Austria), which Klimt visited during his summer vacation in 1904 and 1905.
Of Klimt's 230 paintings, 50 are landscapes, and it is said that most of them were painted on the shores of Lake Attersee, where he frequently visited.
Almost the entire surface of the canvas is covered with a uniform density of plants, creating a mosaic-like scene.

The only element that varies throughout is the motif of parallel lines formed by the rosebush and tree trunks. The horizon line is slightly visible at the top right edge of the painting, adding depth and contrast to the clump of leaves that appear flat in front of the viewer. This work clearly shows Klimt's taste for decoration and patterns.

The fine brush strokes look like the overlapping colors of a tapestry, and the square canvas makes it even more appealing.
This type of decoration also appears under the figure in Klimt's masterpiece, The Kiss. Although Klimt created his symbolist works in his own unique world and founded the Vienna Secession, this work exudes a calm atmosphere throughout.

You can sense the artist's gentle gaze towards nature while on vacation, which is not seen in the works Klimt painted for his clients.

Rose under the Trees (1905)