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Why alkitecia?

Special thoughts and excitement that were moved by the work at museums and exhibitions. Some people want to keep such a rich feeling forever.

Until now, there were posters, machines' duplications, and copying imitated by another person, but while it is easy, the limit of quality that has an impression far from the original picture makes it unsatisfactory. There are many opinions that I felt. From such a need, Ultekiara makes full use of technology and craftsmanship to create the satisfaction and happiness of those who have at hand.

Ultekiara is not a duplicate, but a recovery,ReissueThe background called is certain data and the careful process of skilled craftsmen.

It was created in each process that takes a lot of time and time, which is different from that of mass -produced machines.ReissueBoasts unprecedented quality and existence. The original that is difficult to get closer to the surfaceReissueThen, you can also enjoy watching the surface with your finger.

There are two types of images that are the source, one is image data taken and acquired with an ultra -high -definition digital camera directly from the original picture. Altekiara, even for all details and the shadows of paint that cannot be seen with naked eyes, with special lighting units and cameras.ReissueIt is brought in. In addition, even if it is impossible to shoot from the original picture, an ultra -high -definition image is used by an image archive officially licensed by the grooms.ReissueIt is possible to make.

Duplicate drawing process
Be faithful to the original picture. The thoroughness starts with the selection of materials. In the production of each point that is not possible to mass production, there is an unprecedented soul.

Fools and protection
I thought the amount worthy of the high quality of Ultekiara was the best handmade frame. In the frame workshop located in the sunflower field of Tuscany, each one that does not allow compromise is carefully created. This workshop is known for creating high -quality frame, and is supplied not only to antique dealers and personal collectors, but also to original art museums in Italy, Germany and American. It is run by a typical Italian family management, and is a solid handicraft of craft manship that has been handed down for generations, and finished with Ultequeia.

Altekiara does not cover the surface to maximize the texture of the surface, but instead uses UV protection instead. Avoid direct sunlight, adjust the ventilation once a month and treat it as one art work, so you can appreciate the generations as long as paintings.

Since there are various types of duplications in the market, we want to give the purchasers of our products with the right certificates and prove the quality of Altekiara. All on the back side for AltekiaraReissueA stamp to prove that it is, and the edition number with the upper limit of the global issued number <499> is proof of Altekiara.