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For corporate customers

For creating spaces in hotels and restaurants

Arte Chiara's restoration paintings harmonize perfectly with the hotel, a space that aims to provide guest comfort, bringing even more grandeur and luxury. Beautiful paintings with colors that match the scene of the entrance, reception, lobby, restaurant dining, hallway, guest room, etc., paintings that make you feel dreamy, works that you have never seen before, works that are familiar to your eyes, and famous works. Even the works.
You can choose from a wide variety of custom-made products.

RevengeThe paintings will bring the joy of allowing customers to experience beauty and knowledge, as well as have lively conversations, in an elegant atmosphere. There are pieces that harmonize not only with Western rooms but also with Japanese rooms.

For healing effects in salons, hospitals, and clinics


Many people don't want to go to hospitals, dentists, or other clinics because they think it's scary or painful. Most people probably have an inorganic and cold image of medical devices. It has become very important to create a hospital atmosphere that allows patients who feel anxious to relax. By displaying paintings, you can dispel the traditional image of hospitals, give the impression of a warm and gentle hospital, and create a healing effect.
Since the patient is suffering from a disease, it is said that a mental approach to increase immunity is important in order to quickly heal the patient.

Data from Europe and the United States showed that patients who lived in a room with paintings on the walls after surgery were compared with a room with nothing in front of them, and patients who lived in rooms with paintings required less medication. there is.
Patients in an empty room tend to focus on their own pain, but this may be because just looking at a painting calms them down, reduces pain, and makes them feel positive.
In this case, we recommend pre-modern paintings that are close to the heart rather than modern art that evokes strangeness.

Because it is a space with paintings, patients can feel less nervous, forget their anxiety and pain, and enjoy the treatment in a relaxed manner. We will help you decide what kind of painting is suitable for your interior, free of charge.

Improving the image of offices and apartments


Welcoming corporate clients at the entrance, reception room, or conference room of a beautiful office is an important aspect of hospitality.
RevengeJust one painting can transform a space into a beautiful space. This will give your customers a better impression and communication will be smoother. Paintings have a positive impact not only on customers, but also on employees who spend a lot of time in the office. Rather than a bleak environment,RevengeAn office environment with pictures provides visual stimulation to the mind and subconscious mind, brings out the sensibilities of each employee, and helps improve work motivation, creativity, and aesthetic sense. Decorating paintings in your office has the dual benefits of improving the image of your customers and improving your employees' sensibilities and awareness.

...Arte Chiara'sRevengeIn addition to complying with copyright laws, all works are published with the permission of the museum that owns the original painting. A portion of the proceeds will be returned to the museum and will be used in a small way to support the museum's operations. This is something that companies can feel comfortable displaying as part of their CSR...

For a relaxing space in your home or villa

Displaying pictures in your living space not only changes the atmosphere of your life, but also brings peace and elegance to your mind. A painting you saw at an exhibition or a painting that left a lasting impression on you at an overseas museum.

Home/villa "I want to display my favorite work in my daily life."

“I want to feel the goodness of masterpiece paintings close to me.”
"I want to refine the interior."
“I want to bring color to my daily life.”

You can order according to various wishes.
It is faithful to the original and brings back the excitement of seeing the work in front of you. Neither a copy nor a print, it has a high quality and soul that has never been seen before.RevengePicture.
It instantly creates the atmosphere of your room that you desire while still impressing you.