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Painting has a mysterious power like a time machine that evokes the memory of space for us.

The scene that moved me on my first trip, the warm atmosphere of the people, the warmth that entered my heart,

The pleasant memories of that time are just one memory It spread from the painting at once.

I think everyone has this kind of experience.

Many of the works of the museum, which are considered to be masterpieces, have been designated as being out of the gate due to their preciousness. , You can only appreciate it for a few seconds in the distance, and you can only feel the light, shadow, and power of the museum.

It is a distant existence for us.

Isn't it possible to make common cultural properties that are irreplaceable for humankind, which move the hearts across countries and ethnic groups, closer to us?

Isn't it possible for a person who loves a painting in the distance to take a close look at it?

Isn't it possible to evoke the excitement of that time and provide more color and brilliance to life?

From such a thought, we came to recommend ArteChiara, ArteChiara, which was born in the home of Western art.

The reconstructed painting * reproduced in ArteChiara has the power to revive the emotion like the original painting.

This is the origin of the Uffizi Gallery, the oldest museum in Italy, and has been cultivated in tradition.

The highest level of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that inherits craftsmanship. It is created by a fusion technique that pursues the highest quality.

The target works range from ancient mural paintings to modern paintings such as Matisse and Chagall (limited to works approved by the Foundation)

Even works not included in this catalog. ,

Please contact us first as it may be possible to play after checking.

We would be happy if you could help us find a special space that brings moisture to our daily lives.

Arte & Lahr Co., Ltd.