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What is Arte Chiara

" Original or Artekiara- "is the motto of all craftsmen involved in this product.

At the Uffizi Gallery and the Italian public museums such as the Pitti Palace, digital archives have been constructed to pass on important works to the next generation. It was. "Artekiara" was born as a reproduction image that surpasses the reproduction image by accumulating know-how of painting reproduction from the experience of building a digital archive and obtaining a patent for the reproduction method. Based on the research results based on the works of the museum, the ultra-high-definition data that captures the details that are not visible to the naked eye and the handicrafts of skilled Italian craftsmen are utilized in the reproduction of Artekiara.

The same material and size as the original image *, color shading by digital archive, brush strokes, and even the thickness of the paint are faithfully in contact with the original image. From the creative qualities of the painter to the details of the painting and the hand-carved parts of the authentic forehead, there are inspiring elements. In Italy, the weight of history and tradition, the enthusiasm and skill of craftsmen are put into one piece of art, and it is now available to Japanese people who love art works.

Born in Italy, with the enthusiasm to appreciate masterpieces from other countries, and the Italian craftsmanship and style that has been passed down from generation to generation. The handicraft is shown as a proof of .

(* In order to make it easier to understand that the size is not the original or forgery, an error in mm is intentionally created.)