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What is Arte Chiara?

“Original or Artechiara” is the motto of all the craftsmen involved in this product.

Italian public museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Pitti, have been building digital archives to pass on important works in their collections to the next generation. We have accumulated know-how in painting reproduction from our experience in building digital archives, and have obtained a patent for the reproduction method. Arte Chiara was born as a reproduction painting that goes beyond reproductions. Arte Chiara's reproductions utilize ultra-high-definition data that captures details that are beyond the naked eye, based on research results based on works in museums, and the handwork of skilled Italian craftsmen.

The reproductions are made with the same material and size as the originals*, and are faithful to the originals, including color shading, brush strokes, and even the thickness of the paint using digital archives. It has impressive elements, right down to the hand-carved part of the frame. Made in Italy, the weight of history and tradition, as well as the passion and skill of the craftsmen, are incorporated into a single piece of art, which can now be appreciated by Japanese people who love art.

The passion for holding and appreciating masterpieces that were born in Italy and passed on to other countries, and the handwork that combines the Italian craftsmanship and style that have been passed down from generation to generation, are proof of ``Made in Italy.'' It's showing.

(*In order to make it easier to understand that the size is an original work and not a counterfeit, we intentionally create an error in mm.)